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Sharing Ideas around the Globe.


Start-to-Finish Online from Purchase o Production
Establishing Global Network Catering for Customer-Demands.

年中国と着実に現地法人を設立。国際化を先取りし、地球レベルのON LINE発想により、原料の現地調達、生産・販売の効率化はもちろん、シナジー効果を共生への進化に進めていきます。

Our business has no borders. We ensure complete, not partial, optimization of the management as if the entire world were the frontier. Simultaneously, in preparation for the further optimization in the future, we have incorporated global strategy in our business scenario by configuring a management information system. In our pursuit of a world-wide online concept that anticipates globalization, we founded subsidiaries in France (1988), Malaysia (1992), Hong Kong (1996), and China (1998). We are increasing efficiencies in material purchasing, production, and marketing in order that we may enhance synergy with customer through harmonious business relationships

Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter. We have to continue self-innovation for quick on-demand response and creative management. It is a change of the way of thinking by all employees that generate competitive power of technical skills eventually.

Our faith is that “Change your way of thinking, and you can change your actions.
Change your actions, and you can improve your performances.” We, the Tokyo Electric Wire Industrial Co., Ltd., will globally take a new step forward with our corporate policies “Challenging Spirit”and“Creativity ”.