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Aiming at the Innovation of the Core Technologies.

Ceaseless Innovations in Production by Challenging Spirit and Creativity.
Pursuing Technical Innovations for the de facto Standard-Setting.


By making good relationship with customer and meeting a variety of user's needs for line technology, Todenko has successfully developed tight partnerships recognized in a wide range of fields. With our reliable technological capabilities and the most up-to-date machine production system, we strive for innovation not only in production technology to high-quality products but also in the core technologies and make contributions to society and environment in the world with challenging spirit and creativity.

Environmental Key-Note


We recognize that the protection of the terrestrial environment through the improvement and prevention of pollution is one of the most important subjects, and positively promote to the effective utilization of resources and develop the products contributing to the reduction of environmental loading.

Environmental Policies


1.Considering the influence of our activities, products and services on the environment, we observe the relevant law and regulation rules and other requirements agreed by our company, and make efforts to prevent and improve environmental pollutions continuously.


2.We establish the environmental goal and objective and revise them when necessary in order to implement environmental policies. We thoroughly notify these policies to our employees and the persons working on behalf of us and promote the realization of our environmental management system.

●1996年 ISO9002認証取得。
●1996: Approval certificate ISO9002

●1997年 ISO9001認証取得。
●1997: Approval certificate ISO9001

●2003年 ISO14001認証登録。
●2003: Approval certificate ISO14001
・Development of products reducing the environmental load such as “eco-cable”

・Halogen free wires / Lead free wires

・CO2抑制 廃棄物の削減
・Restraint of CO2 /Reduction of wasted substances